Navigating Law School Culture

It may seem unusual to be surrounded by so many people with the same career interests, yet feel so alone. The thing is you’re absolutely not alone — many law students feel this way.


I Don’t Feel Cut Out For This

Choosing to attend law school is a huge investment, to say the least. It’s actually quite common for law students to wonder if it was the right choice.


I’m Feeling Overwhelmed

It is very likely that you’ve been told that feeling overwhelmed, stressed and anxious are all normal parts of the law school experience. Just because these reactions are common, it doesn’t mean you have to accept these feelings as a part of your new reality.


I’m Worried About Getting A Job

The grading curve, OCIs, articling positions . . . there’s a lot to worry about along the pathway from first-year law school to the call to the bar.


Relationships and Personal Life

Law school is described by many as “all-consuming”. That simple statement makes it easy to see why many law students are challenged to manage their studies and their personal life.