Two useful pieces of information for all Ontario law students (and especially students interested in wellness):

  1. All Ontario law students have complimentary memberships to the Ontario Bar Association (OBA). Take advantage of them!
  2. The OBA is currently running an interesting professional development program called “The Mindful Lawyer Series”m, free to all OBA members. You can attend these sessions in person, or access the real-time webcasts / archived video recordings online for free.




The six-module program covers the following topics (currently on ModuleĀ 4):

  • Module 1: Re-setting Your Priorities: How Can You Be a Happier Lawyer?
  • Module 2: Mental illness and the Legal Profession: Finding and Providing Support
  • Module 3: Managing Stress, Thriving at Work and Achieving a Healthy and Balanced Lifestyle
  • Module 4: Returning to Work after a Mental Health Leave: Re-entry Support
  • Module 5: Support Networks for Lawyers Who Work Alone
  • Module 6: Improving Your Performance: Managing Stress with Proper Nutrition

CLICK HERE for more info on the OBA Mindful Lawyer Series.

CLICK HERE to check out a CBC Ottawa interview with OBA President Orlando Silva, discussing this program.