Getting my life back into balance

Ontario Law Student, Class of 2015


My experience at law school has been quite an interesting journey. I think I spent the better part of first year wondering if someone in the admissions office had made a mistake. I really didn’t know what to expect as I am the first member of my immediate family to obtain a professional degree, actually a post-secondary degree at all for that matter. And even though I had some very successful years within my previous career before law school, I was a little more than overwhelmed at first.

I soon found out that I wasn’t the only person that felt this way. I also found out that the Student Success and Wellness Office was an excellent resource for helping me navigate this new adventure and taught me how to organize myself while approaching my legal education. I honestly didn’t learn how to get my life back into balance until after the first summer. I spent most of my first summer focusing on my physical health and worked at maintaining that commitment as I headed into second year. Again, making use of professional resources was necessary as it was unreasonable to think that I had all of the answers for creating this new life. This included some medical support and academic support for ensuring an effective course load. I am now in my second summer of school and heading into third year in the fall.

This summer I am working within the field and am learning even more about the real difference between being a student, where the learning never really seems to stop, and the profession…where clients don’t want to pay me to be a file for 12 billable hours 😉 …it’s ok to take a break, in fact it is necessary for really being able to produce quality work. Since coming to law school I have learned that the ‘work-life” balance is one which the individual needs to establish, no matter what the pace of their work may be. In order for me to be productive, successful, and healthy both physically and mentally and emotionally I need to put in place certain limits and criteria that ensures that effect.