Self-Care Assessment

This is a worksheet for assessing self-care. It contains suggestions for different areas of self-care that can help you get a sense of how well and how often you are taking care of yourself. Thinking about self-care and what your unique individual needs are can help you make yourself a priority. For more information check out the other self-care resources page here.

While going through this exercise, pay attention to how satisfied you are with your patterns of self-care. Are there things you do well? Are there things you want to prioritize? Has attending law school changed how you take care of yourself?

After completing this worksheet, take some time to reflect on which areas of your life you feel more or less satisfied with respect to your self-care and one or two steps you can take to take better care of yourself.

Rate the following areas according to how satisfied you are with how you are doing:

S: Satisfied (I do this well already!)

U: Unsatisfied (I want to do better!)

?: This never occurred to me before

N/A: This is not relevant for me.

Physical Self-Care

Pattern S U ? N/A
I eat regularly
I eat healthily
­­I exercise
I get regular health care for prevention
­I get health care when needed
I take time off when not feeling well
I do a physical activity that I enjoy
­­­I get enough sleep
I wear clothing I like
I take day trips or mini-vacations
I do something else for my physical health

Psychological Self-Care

Pattern S U ? N/A
I take day trips or mini-vacations
I make time away from telephones, email, and the Internet
I make time for self-reflection (doing this assessment counts!)
I listen to my thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and feelings
I reach out to a supportive person – family, friends, therapist, counsellor, partner, etc.
I keep a journal
I read literature that is unrelated to work or school
I learn a new skill
I engage my focus in a new area, e.g., go to an art show, sports event, theatre, etc.
I am curious
I say no to extra responsibility sometimes
I do something else for my psychological health

Emotional Self-Care

Pattern S U ? N/A
I spend time with others whose company I enjoy
I stay in contact with the important people in my life
I recognize and acknowledge my strengths
I re-read favourite books, re-watch favourite movies and TV shows
I identify comforting activities, objects, people, places and seek them out
I allow myself to cry
I find things that make me laugh
I express values in social action, letters, marches, or advocacy
I do something else for my emotional health

Spiritual Self-Care

Pattern S U ? N/A
I make time for reflection
I spend time in nature
I develop a spiritual connection or community
I am open to inspiration
I am hopeful and optimistic
I am aware of non-material aspects of life
I try at times not to be in charge or the expert
I am open to not knowing
I identify what is meaningful to me and notice its place in my life
I meditate, pray, or sing
I have experiences of awe
I contribute to causes in which I believe
I read inspirational literature, listen to inspirational talks and music
I do something else for my spiritual health

Relationship Self-Care

Pattern S U ? N/A
I schedule regular dates with my spouse or partner(s)
I am in touch with or see my family members or loved ones
I make time to see non-law school friends or see law school friends outside of school
I spend time with my pets
I stay in contact with long-distance friends
I make time to reply to personal emails, letters and messages
I make new connections with people
I ask for and accept help when I need it
I share a fear, hope, or secret with someone I trust
I do something else for my relationship health

Law School or Work Self-Care

Pattern S U ? N/A
I take breaks during the day
I take time to socialize with fellow students or co-workers
I make quiet time to complete necessary tasks
I identify projects or classwork that I find exciting and rewarding
I set limits with peers, colleagues and clients
I find a place to work that it comfortable and comforting
I get regular support with workload concerns
I negotiate for my needs
I access peer support and mentorship
I do something else for my academic and professional health

Overall Balance

Pattern S U ? N/A
I strive for balance within my life as a law student and within each school day
I strive for balance among work, school, family, relationships, play, and rest