! Call 911 in case of crisis or emergency

In Case of Emergency

Campus Security / Safewalk

Phone Number: 403-220-5333
Location (on Campus): MSC
Hours: 24hours
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Distress Centre

Phone Number: 403-266-4357
Location (on Campus):
Hours: 24 hours
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On-campus Resources

ASSIST: Alberta Lawyers’ Assistance Society – Faculty of Law In-House Psychologist

ASSIST provides confidential counselling, peer support and information on various topics such as physical & mental health, overcoming addictions and career & education.

Contact Information:
Location (On Campus): Faculty of Law
Phone Number: 1-877-498-6898
Hours: Scheduled appointments

SU Wellness Centre

Health Services (including: chiropractic, massage, walk-in medical services, travel medicine clinic, nutrition), Counselling (scheduled appointments, drop-in services, online self-help modules, group counselling and workshops, personal, academic, and career/educational skill-building planning), Student Support and Outreach (mental health information, referral to community and campus resources, goal-setting and developing personal coping strategies, response and support for reported concerns about Students-at-Risk), Events and Programs (training, wellness programs, workshops, Wellness and Health Awareness Team)

Contact Information:
Location (On Campus): MSC 370
Phone Number: 403-210-9355
Hours: M–F 9:00am – 4:30pm (extended hours in the Fall 2016)

Student-at-Risk Team
Description: A Student-at-Risk is defined as a student whose physical or mental state is such that they may be or have become a threat to themselves, others, or the University of Calgary community in general.
The Student-at-Risk Team is a multidisciplinary campus resource that responds to reported concerns about Students-at-Risk. The team is available to assist students, faculty and staff in responding to these concerns. The team responds to concerns by conducting an initial assessment related to violence risk and engaging with identified students as early as possible to minimize the risk of harm.

Contact Information:
Phone number: 403-220-4923
Email contact: sar@ucalgary.ca

Native Centre

The Native Centre provides academic, personal and cultural support services and programs to prospective and current First Nations, Metis, and Inuit students.

Contact Information:
Location: 390Z MacEwan Student Centre
Phone number: 403-220-6034
Email contact: nativecentre@ucalgary.ca

Yoga, Health, and Fitness

Active Living

Active living combines the University of Calgary’s Campus Recreation, Health & Recreation and Outdoor Centre Programs. Includes: Fitness Centre; Yoga & Pilates; Pool; Skating; Climbing; Running.

Contact Information:
Location (On Campus): University of Calgary Fitness Centre
Phone number: 403-220-5185
Email contact: cdgordon@ucalgary.ca
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Community Resources

Calgary Counselling Centre

Calgary Counselling Centre is a charitable organization committed to providing compassionate, professional, and affordable counselling services to Calgarians.

Through counselling and group programs, the Centre helps individuals, couples, parents, families, and youth resolve emotional and social problems. Through its ongoing research and education programs, Calgary Counselling Centre strives to meet the changing needs of our community.

Contact Information:
Location (Address): Suite 200, 940 – 6 Avenue S.W., Calgary, Alberta Canada T2P 3T1
Phone number: 403-691-5991
Email contact: contactus@calgarycounselling.com
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Calgary Communities Against Sexual Abuse

CCASA provides specialized and individualized services to address the needs of sexual abuse and sexual assault survivors, their significant others, and the broader community. CCASA provides safe, accessible, professional services, for people of all races, abilities, religions, sexual orientations, or genders through providing seven core services: crisis intervention, counselling, education, outreach, police & court support, a volunteer program and leadership in the coordination of services related to sexual abuse and sexual assault.

Contact Information:
Location: Suite 700, 910 – 7th Avenue S.W.
Calgary, Alberta T2P 3N8
Phone number: (403) 237-5888
Email contact: info@calgarycasa.com
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Access Mental Health

Clinicians help people navigate the addiction and mental health system, in the Calgary Zone. They are familiar with both Alberta Health Services and community based programs and will explore options and direct/refer clients to the most appropriate resource to meet their needs. Access Mental Health is a non-urgent service. Anyone is invited to call for information and options for addiction and mental health services.

Contact Information:
Phone number: (403) 943-1500
Email contact: mental.health@albertahealthservices.ca
Website Link

Distress Centre

Distress Centre Calgary ensures everyone has a place to turn to in a time of crisis by providing 24-hour crisis support, professional counselling and referrals.

Contact Information:
Location: Suite 300, 1010 – 8th Avenue SW, Calgary, AB T2P 1J2
Phone number: 403-266-4357
Email contact: help@distresscentre.com
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Provincial Resources

Alberta 211

The 211 service is an enhancement, not a replacement, of local Information & Referral services currently operating across the province. In addition to helping people find the information they need, 211 analyzes data from calls to identify emerging needs, gaps in services and areas of high demand.

Contact Information:
Phone number: 2-1-1
Email contact: General Inquiries: info@ab.211.ca
Website Link

Alberta Lawyers’ Assistance Society (ASSIST)

ASSIST is an independent Charitable Society which provides confidential help to lawyers, law students and their immediate families with personal issues. Professional services are delivered by third party professionals and peer support is offered by trained volunteer lawyers.

Contact Information:
Location: 800, 304 8 Avenue SW; Calgary, AB
Phone number:
Professional Counselling Services: 1-877-498-6898 (toll free)
Peer Support and General Information Help Line: 1-877-737-5508 (toll free)
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Academic Accommodations

The purpose of accommodation is to provide students with documented disabilities equal opportunity to master the essentials of post-secondary education. The nature and type of accommodations vary from student to student and are dependent upon the student’s disability and the academic requirements. Academic accommodations include but are not limited to:

  • Use of volunteer note takers
  • Audio recording of lectures
  • Priority seating
  • Additional time for examinations, tests and quizzes
  • Examinations to be written in a separate location (distraction free environment)
  • Examinations, tests and quizzes to be provided in alternate format (Braille, text-to-speech, etc.)
  • Use of scribe for examinations or tests.

Students who wish to organize academic accommodations should contact the Student Accessibility Services (SAS) office as soon as possible. The mission of Student Accessibility Services is to work collaboratively and innovatively with the campus community to create an accessible, equitable and supportive learning and living environment that enhances student’s academic and personal development.

Contact Information:
Location: MacEwan Student Centre 452
Phone number: 403-220-8237
Email contact: access@ucalgary.ca
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Requests for deferrals of final exams are made by contacting Angela Gallo-Dewar, Director, Academic & Student Services at agallode@ucalgary.ca. Supporting documentation is required.