! Call 911 in case of crisis or emergency

In Case of Emergency

DAL Security

Location (on Campus): Parkade Level of the Marion McCain Arts & Social Sciences Building
Phone Number: 902-494-4109
Hours: Available 24 hours a day
Website Link

Download the free DalSAFE App for quick and easy access to
Security Services.

Mental Health Mobile Crisis Team

Phone Number: 902-429-8167 or
Telephone response – 24 hours a day
Mobile response – 1:00pm-1:00am

On-campus Resources

Schulich Law students should first contact Dana-Lyn Mackenzie, Director, Student Services and Engagement, or Michael Deturbide, Associate Dean, Academic.





Student Health and Wellness Centre – Counselling Services

The Centre offers free, confidential assistance by professionally trained counsellors, a psychiatrist and registered psychologists in addition to their interprofessional team of  registered nurses, an advanced practical nurse, physicians, social workers and health promotion experts. Students can access the Student Health & Wellness Centre and be seen by a physician or same-day walk-in counsellor.
Students who see a walk-in counsellor will be assessed and leave their appointment with a co-created wellness plan.
Medical and Walk-in Counselling Hours:
Monday to Thursday, 8am – 7pm
Fridays, 8am – 6pm
Saturdays, 11am – 5pm
Location: 2nd Floor, LeMarchant Place
Tel: (902) 494 – 2171
General Inquiries: livewell@dal.ca
For more information: https://www.dal.ca/campus_life/healthand-

Contact Information (Career Counselling):

Location (On Campus): Student Union Building, 4th Floor, 6136 University Ave.
Phone Number: 902-494-2081
Hours: Fall Hours:
Monday-Friday: 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.


Free, online self-help program that addresses feelings of depression, anxiety, stress and phobias. Students can also “opt in” to have a WellTrack coach that they can contact by e-mail or
Sign up: signup.mywelltrack.com
Access code: DALCPS


Group Counselling: Groups offered on campus that provide students with an
avenue to build their confidence, self-improve, and prepare for
the demands of university life.
Groups Offered:
Managing Anxiety
Eating Disorders Group
Self-care Skills Group
Mindfulness Group
CBT Group for Low Mood
For more information: https://www.dal.ca/campus_life/healthand-


Peer Support (Stay Connected Mental Health Project)

This program provides students with the opportunity to speak with trained peer support workers who provide free, non-judgmental, confidential, and safe mental health support.
Hours: Monday to Thursday, 4 – 6pm
Location: DSU Wellness Room, SUB basement
Email: peersupp@dal.ca

Student Health and Wellness Centre – Health Services

The Centre is committed to providing quality health care and services to promote and enhance students’ good health and well-being. The services are easily accessible and geared toward the unique health needs and concerns of students. Students can access the Student Health & Wellness Centre
and be seen by a physician or same-day walk-in counsellor. The Centre’s interprofessional team includes registered nurses, an advanced practice nurse, physicians and health promotion experts in addition to social workers, a psychiatrist, counsellors and registered psychologists.

Medical and Walk-in Counselling Hours:
Monday to Thursday, 8am – 7pm
Fridays, 8am – 6pm
Saturdays, 11am – 5pm
Location: 2nd Floor, LeMarchant Place
Tel: (902) 494 – 2171
General Inquiries: livewell@dal.ca
For more information: https://www.dal.ca/campus_life/healthand-

Ask-a-Nurse: Campus outreach nurse Christina Elgee is available by email and periodically around campus (locations displayed on Twitter and on the dal.ca) to confidentially answer mental, physical and sexual health questions.

Advising & Access Services

All law specific academic advising should go through the Schulich Academic office in room 222. Students should see Associate Dean Michael Deturbide or Director, Student Services and Engagement Dana-Lyn Mackenzie.

Director, Student Services and Engagement

Dana-Lyn Mackenzie, Director, Student Services and Engagement, is available to students on a drop in basis or by appointment to give support and referrals to students in areas such as academic advising, accommodations, wellness and student life.  As a former mature law student and current non-practicing lawyer, Dana-Lyn is happy to answer your questions (or help find the answers) and be an ear for students. Come visit in room 216 or email dana-lyn.mackenzie@dal.ca.

A University wide Academic Advising team also provides personal coaching, to help you reach your educational, career and life goals.

Contact Information:
Location (On Campus): Bissett Centre for Academic Success, Killam Atrium, 6225 University Ave.; Mark A. Hill Accessibility Centre
Phone Number:902-494-3077
Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
Drop-in service operates periodically throughout the year. Make sure to call ahead to check availability.
Website Link

Study Skills

Whether you’re doing well and want to do better or if you are experiencing academic difficulty, we can help you reach your academic potential during your time at Dalhousie.

The Peer Mentoring Program offers study skills and strategies for first year law students. To be matched with an upper year Peer Mentor, please contact Dana-Lyn Mackenzie, Director, Student Services and Engagement.


Non law specific study skills are offered at the Killam Library, Room G28, 6225 University Ave.

Phone Number: 902-494-3077
Hours: By appointment between 8:30am-4:30pm
Website Link

Writing Centre

The Writing Centre offers support in all subjects—from academic assignments to dissertations—for undergraduate and graduate students. We meet with you one-on-one to discuss your work and we also offer events and seminars. We’re not a proofreading or editing service—our goal is to teach you to write independently.

Contact Information:
Location (On Campus): Killam Library, Room G25 and G40C, 6225 University Ave.
Phone Number: 902-494-1963
Killam Library, Ground Floor Learning Commons, rm. G40C
Make an appointment
Sunday: Noon–5pm
Monday-Thursday: 10am-7pm
Friday: 10am-4pm

Aboriginal Student Centre, 1321 Edward St., 2nd Floor
Thursday: Noon-2pm

Black Student Advising Centre, 1321 Edward St., 2nd Floor
Thursday: Noon-2pm

Website Link

Dal Allies (LGBTQ)

Dal Allies exists to support students, staff, and faculty of the Rainbow community by encouraging respect and diversity.

Contact Information:
Location (On Campus):
Phone Number: General questions or Ally referrals
Email: dalally@dal.ca
Peer Ally
Email: peerally@dal.ca
Website Link

Black Student Advising

As an additional layer of support, for university wide advising, the Black Student Advising Centre supports all black students of African descent in pursuit of post-secondary education at Dalhousie and the University of King’s College. Drop by for information on employment, scholarships and bursaries, and events, both on campus and in the Halifax community.


Contact Information:
Location (On Campus): 1321 Edward Street
Phone Number: (902) 494.6648
Website Link


See also the IB&M Initiative, below.

Aboriginal Student Resources

The Aboriginal Student Centre (ASC) helps create a sense of belonging to support your success while at Dalhousie. Our Aboriginal Student Advisor provides support and advocacy for all of Dalhousie’s Aboriginal students. We welcome you to make use of our personal, educational, and career resources to enhance your university experience.

Contact Information:

Location (On Campus): 1321 Edward Street

Indigenous Student Centre Advisor: Michele Graveline


See also the IB&M Initiative, below.


The Indigenous Blacks & Mi’kmaq (IB&M) Initiative is a long standing resource for Mi’kmaw and African Nova Scotian students, and other Aboriginal and Black students, who are admitted through the Initiative. The IB&M Initiative involves community outreach and recruiting; providing student financial and other support; developing research and scholarship in the areas of Aboriginal and Indigenous law and African Canadian legal perspectives; and promoting the hiring and retention of graduates.


Location (On Campus):  Schulich School of Law, 6061 University Ave. Rm. 324

Phone Number:  902-494-1639

Program Director: Professor Michelle Williams

Yoga, Health, and Fitness


All full-time students are members of DalPlex with access to:

  • 2 weight rooms
  • Group fitness classes at Dalplex & Sexton Memorial Gymnasium
  • 8 lane, 50m pool with dedicated lane and open/family swim times
  • 1/6 mile indoor running/walking track
  • Cardio Plus Centre
  • Climbing facilities including the Rock Court climbing wall and the fieldhouse bouldering wall
  • Drop-in times for use of hardwood basketball courts
  • Badminton, squash, racquetball and table tennis courts with free court bookings
  • Outdoor tennis courts
  • The Fun Zone play area for children
  • Intramurals & Sport Clubs

Contact Information:
Location (Address): 6260 South Street
Phone number: 902-494-3372
Website Link

Wellness Initiatives

Wellness Initiatives are supported by Dana-Lyn Mackenzie, Director, Student Services and Engagement and your student Wellness Committee: Wellness at Weldon at wellnessatweldon@gmail.com. See the Wellness Newsletter published in each volume of the Weldon Times.

Wellness at Weldon
Wellness at Weldon is the Dalhousie University Schulich School of Law’s
student group working to enhance and foster mental health and wellness
for law students. They host a weekly Peer Support Drop-in centre, in which
trained upper-year volunteers offer non-judgmental and confidential
practical guidance to their fellow students, answering “little” questions to
stop them from becoming big anxieties. They also host regular “Wellness
Days” with initiatives aimed at encouraging dialogue about mental health in
the law school, including guest speakers, fitness classes, discussion
groups, and stress-relieving initiatives.
They are available for confidential guidance and support by email at
wellnessatweldon@gmail.com. They can also be reached on Facebook at
https://www.facebook.com/groups/637937729657072/, Twitter at
@WellatWeldon, and on Instagram at @wellnessatweldon.

Mindfulness at Weldon

Each Fall, the Schulich School of Law offers an 8 week Mindfulness course for law students. Taught by Professor Emeritus John Lovas (Dentistry) this course strives to teach self care and soothing, and mindfulness tools and techniques to learn and grow with. For more information, please contact Dana-Lyn Mackenzie, Director, Student Services and Engagement.

Community Resources

Bayers Road Community Mental Health

Contact Information:
Location (Address): 7071 Bayers Rd., Suite 109
Phone number: 902-454-1400
Hours of Service:
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday – 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
Tuesday – 8:30 am to 7:30 pm
Website Link

Addiction Services

Contact Information:
Location (Address): 1673 Bedford Row
Phone number: 902-424-8866
Website Link

Gambling Support Network

The Gambling Support Network provides online and phone support for Nova Scotians and their families who may be affected by gambling-related harms. The network’s services are provided by trained professionals who help clients achieve their goals to reduce the harms from gambling. The services are free, confidential, and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Contact Information:
Phone number: 1-888-347-8888, TTY access through 711
Website Link

Smokers’ Helpline

Smokers’ Helpline has proven, free and personalized tools to help you quit successfully

Contact Information:
Phone number: 877-513-5333
Website Link

Avalon Sexual Assault Centre

The Avalon Sexual Assault Centre is a feminist organization working to eliminate sexual assault/abuse, and to change the current soci-political culture that fosters sexism, social injustice and other forms of oppression.

Contact Information:
Location (Address): 1526 Dresden Row, Suite 401
Phone number: 902-422-4240
Email contact: info@avaloncentre.ca
Office hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and 1:30 to 4:30 p.m.
Website Link


Crisis Line. Available to residents of Metro Halifax, all ages. Offers information, referrals, lay counselling, crisis and suicide intervention.
Phone number:

  • 902 421-1188
  • 902 421-1188 (24 hours)
  • 902 422-2048 (business)

Other Off-Campus Resources:

For access to off-campus psychologists, visit apns.ca

Nova Scotia Telecare Service (health directory staffed by registered nurses) – Tel: 811

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline – Tel: 1 (800) 273-8255

Healthy Minds Navigator (for navigating the mental health system) – Tel: (902) 404-3504, Email:

Provincial Resources

Schulich Law students have a multitude of faculty and university wide resources in addition to community resources.

Since Fall 2018, law students can also access Nova Scotia’s Lawyers Assistance Program for counselling services. This service is provided through the Homewood Health Member and Family Assistance Program. Contact them at 1-866-299-1299.

They provide immediate crisis support 24/7, bookings for local counsellors and can work with students on short term solutions for a variety of personal challenges such as relationship concerns, family or parenting issues, anxiety, depression, addictions, grief, coping with health issues or work related challenges.

For more information, please contact Dana-Lyn Mackenzie, Director, Student Services and Engagement, or the Nova Scotia Lawyers Assistance Program Committee at feedback@nslap.ca.

Academic Accommodations

Requests for special accommodation for reasons such as illness, injury or personal circumstances must be made to Associate Dean Michael Deturbide or Director, Student Services and Engagement Dana-Lyn Mackenzie as soon as possible, before a scheduled exam or a deadline for an assignment.

As well, students may request accommodation as a result of barriers related to disability, religious obligation, or any characteristic under the Nova Scotia Human Rights Act. Students who require academic accommodation for either classroom participation or the writing of tests and exams should make their request to the Advising and Access Services Center (AASC) prior to or at the outset of the regular academic year. Please visit our website for more information and to obtain the Request for Accommodation – Form A. Students may also contact the Advising and Access Services Centre directly at 902-494-2836, or they may contact Associate Dean Michael Deturbide or Dana-Lyn Mackenzie, Director, Student Services and Engagement for more information.