Mindfulness, Meditation and Relaxation – Additional Resources

Interested in exploring mindfulness meditation more deeply and intensively, or supporting a mindfulness meditation practice with helpful tools? Most of these additional resources were recommended by law students who have enjoyed using them. As always, we do our best to vet all externally provided resources but make no claims or guarantees about them. Please use your judgment in selecting the resources you find helpful.

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Resources on this Page

Introductory Course on Mindfulness Meditation from Berkeley Law [1 hr each | 6 mindfulness meditation training sessions]

Session 1: Meditation Basics
Session 2: Meditation and the Breath
Session 3: Mindfulness
Session 4: Facing Inner Challenges: Dealing with Discomfort and Negative Emotions
Session 5: Precision, Clarity and Stamina: Harnessing the Generative Power of Mindfulness
Session 6: Building a Thriving, Sustainable Meditation Practice

Additional Resources

Mindfulness meditation on the go [podcasts and apps]
Mindfulness meditation on the web [resource-rich websites]
Mindfulness meditation in the literature [journal articles]

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[Image by PublicDomainArchive | CC0 License]

Introductory Course on Mindfulness Meditation

As part of the Mindful Mondays series offered in Spring 2014 at Berkeley Law, meditation teacher Shivani Ray, a lawyer by training, guides law students through a six-session foundational program on developing mindfulness and a mindfulness meditation practice. The sessions are tailored to a legal audience: topics presented are especially relevant to the stressful conditions present in law, including using mindfulness to release negative emotions and stress, to guide action, and to promote healing and creativity. Each hands-on session provides useful information, exercises, and guided meditations.

Session 1: Meditation Basics

(approx. 48 minutes) Introduction to finding “quiet, unconditional presence” (mindfulness) by observing the mind and focusing awareness and attention on the mind through meditation. Discusses the benefits of mindfulness for releasing fear and control, reclaiming attention and intention, and creating energy and space for more joyful action.

A one-minute guided meditation stretch is taught at 29:00. A chair-seated meditation posture is taught at 30:40. This process prepares the body for longer meditation sessions. The guided meditation itself begins at 34:10 and lasts about 9 minutes.

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Session 2: Meditation and Breath

(Approx. 52 minutes) In this session, the attention is brought to the breath, and the impact of breath (speed, depth, rhythm) on tension, mood, thoughts, and the physical body. The importance of proper breathing in meditation, but also within daily life, is discussed. Breathing exercises included.

Guided meditation of about 20 minutes, with special focus on the breath, begins at 30:17.

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Session 3: Mindfulness

(Approx. 58 minutes) In this session we learn about cultivation of a “quiet mind”, or mindfulness. Mindfulness practice involves observing the usual anxious “turbulence” or restlessness of thoughts and feelings in the mind, and creating space to allow those feelings to clear or to guide action. The role of mindfulness in improving performance and increasing motivation over the long term are discussed.

Guided meditation of about 18 minutes in length, providing an opportunity to explore mindfulness, begins at 38:06 with stretches.

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Session 4: Facing Inner Challenges: Dealing with Discomfort and Difficult Emotions

(Approx. 60 minutes) Restlessness, anxiety, difficult or negative emotions; there are many ways that discomfort can manifest. This session discusses the information that these feelings may contain, the way that they are triggered by the present and can manifest in physical sensations, and the way that mindfulness and meditation can create space to work with these feelings to extract the lessons and release the loops.

Guided meditation of about 17 minutes begins at 37:15.

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Session 5: Precision, Clarity and Stamina: Harnessing the Generative Power of Mindfulness

(Approx. 55 minutes) This session focuses on the power of the quiet space created through mindfulness as a tool for peak performance. The rest, release, and focused energy created through a regular meditation practice can be directed towards creativity, problem-solving, and sustainable performance. In this session, the precision, clarity and stamina that a mindfulness practice can provide to a legal practice or any endeavour are explored.

Guided meditation of about 18 minutes in length begins at 34:16.

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Session 6: Building a Thriving, Sustainable, Committed Practice

(Approx. 56 minutes) This session discusses how mindfulness can shift especially challenging emotions, as well as incorporating mindfulness meditation practice in your life. In the example of a high-stress law firm interview, an anxiety mindset of projection, fixation and manipulation is contrasted to a mindfulness mindset of curiosity, effortlessness and openness.

Guided meditation of about 12 minutes in length begins at 39:10.

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Mindfulness on the Go – Podcasts and Apps

For information about how to download and/or play podcasts, see here. Links provided are to podcast websites, but they can also be searched for by name in iTunes or similar.

[Podcast] Mindful Meditations by UCLA

This podcast comes highly recommended! A tailored list of fairly short guided meditations (most between three and ten minutes) produced by the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Centre. These specific meditations are suitable as an introduction for complete beginners. A more extensive list of guided meditation podcasts produced at MARC’s weekly drop-in, 30-minute sessions is linked from the page or available HERE. The podcasts feature a variety of themes and approaches to meditation.

[Podcast] Learn to Meditate by Meditation Society of Australia

Beginner’s meditation podcast covering different discussion topics and different approaches to meditation. Each podcast includes a discussion and a guided meditation exercise.  The Meditation Society of Australia is a secular community organization dedicated to educate the public on meditation and its benefits. Other Meditation Society of Australia podcasts are available and can be found by searching the organization’s name in iTunes.

[Podcast] My Meditation Station

Extensive list of guided meditations, soothingly narrated, including a pre-test meditation, meditations for anxiety and deep relaxation. Podcasts produced by Stin Hansen, a public speaker and trainer in the fields of fitness and meditation, including on visualization for athletic performance.

[Podcast] Meditation Oasis

Podcasts featuring guided meditations, instructions for meditation, and music for meditation.  Jointly developed by Mary Maddux, an alternative healer and counselor, and Richard Maddox, a composer who produces a lot of music especially for meditation and relaxation. They are the producers of the Relax & Rest App, discussed below.

[Podcast] Zenworlds Zencast

Extensive list of guided meditations, many of which incorporate a lot of visualization and a focus on strengthening awareness of energy in the body.

[Free Trial App] Relax Melodies

Relatively comprehensive free version of a highly customizable “sound machine” app available for Android and iOS. You can layer sounds on top of one another to create the perfect combination for easing sleep, meditation, relaxation, or yoga. Also includes a selection of binaural beats for relaxation, and a sleep timer.

[Free Trial App] Headspace

Short, guided daily mindfulness meditation program for beginners, produced for iOS and Android. Free ten-day “Foundation Course” requires sign-up but is worthwhile; this is sufficient to learn and get comfortable with the basic techniques. Attractive interface and very easy to use – comes highly recommended by students! Note that the full-access subscription is expensive, but the ten day trial is worthwhile.

[Paid App] Relax & Rest Guided Meditations

Produced by Meditation Oasis for iOS and Android. Provides customizable guided meditations in three lengths (5, 13, or 24 minute) and three settings (voice-only, voice with music, or voice with nature sounds). Option to continue the music or nature sounds after the guided meditation, which can serve as a meditation timer.

[Image by PublicDomainArchive | CC0 License]

[Image by PublicDomainArchive | CC0 License]

Mindfulness on the Web – Comprehensive Online Resources

Berkeley Initiative for Mindfulness in Law

The Berkeley Initiative for Mindfulness in Law at the University of California, Berkeley, promotes the integration of mindfulness practices and training into the development of law students and lawyers. The Initiative has developed a comprehensive Resources section specifically for law students to learn to be more mindful; for law school staff and professors who wish to understand how mindfulness has been incorporated into legal education; and for legal professionals hoping to develop a more sustainable practice.

UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center (MARC)

The MARC website offers free training, tools and resources for developing mindfulness. Many of the resources are targeted at beginners with no background, although resources are available at a variety of levels. MARC also provides support and training for health professionals and fosters research related to the scientific benefits of mindful awareness. In partnership with the Jane and Terry Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior at the University of California Los Angeles.

Miami Law – Mindfulness in Law Program

Includes online video exercises and a good variety of audio guided meditation practices, as well as up-to-date research on mindfulness and referrals to books, articles, other websites and additional resources.

The Mindful Law Student

A sub-page of the Mindfulness in Law Program at the Institute for Mindfulness Studies. Provides links to additional resources, as well as some basic information. Also the home of the Mindful Law Student Podcast, which provides very brief mindfulness exercises tailored to law students.

The Centre for Contemplative Mind in Society – Law Program

Archives for a law-focused mindfulness initiative that ran from 1998 to 2011. Provides an interesting list of law-specific resources such as guided meditations, papers and articles, as well as links to external resources.

Mindfulness in Law Joint Task Force

An initiative of the Dade County Bar Association and the Federal Bar Association’s South Florida Chapter. Links to resources directory tailored to lawyers, law students and law schools.

Mindfulness Hamilton

This website offer free mindfulness meditation resources, including recorded audio guided meditations and yoga practices, or meditation scripts. You can also find referrals to other articles or resources online, as well as in-person resources in the Hamilton and Toronto area.

Mindfulness in the Literature – Journal Articles

Here is a very brief selection of published journal articles on the topic of legal practice or education and mindfulness.

  • Leonard L. Riskin, “The Contemplative Lawyer: On the Potential Contributions of Mindfulness Meditation to Law Students, Lawyers, and their Clients.” 7 Harv. Negotiation L. Rev. 1 (2002). Available HERE.
  • Rhonda Magee, “Educating Lawyers to Meditate?” UMKC Law Rev. 79 (2010): 535. Available HERE.
  • Scott L. Rogers, “The Mindful Law School: An Integrative Approach to Transforming Legal Education”, Touro Law Rev. 28:4 (2012). Available HERE.
  • Douglas A. Codiga, “Reflections on the Potential Growth of Mindfulness Meditation in the Law”; 7 Harv. Negot. L. Rev. 109 (2002). Available HERE.
  • Kabat-Zinn, J. (2003), Mindfulness-Based Interventions in Context: Past, Present, and Future. Clinical Psychology: Science and Practice, 10: 144–156. Available HERE.

Selected articles (PDFs) from the Mindful Lawyer Symposium, published in the Journal of Legal Education, Volume 61, Number 4 available HERE.

Extensive list of journal articles on mindfulness in law from the Proceedings of the 2010 Mindful Lawyer Conference available HERE.

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