Ontario Law Student, Class of 2014

My first year of law school was, without a doubt, the worst year of my life. I don’t really think I could even begin to explain how tough I found the course materials, in combination with the social pressures to participate in an emotionally exhausting Orientation Week, in combination with being away from home or any support systems. Although my school provides support for individuals who are going through a rough time, it is at times difficult to see that so many other students are going through exactly the same thing. Furthermore, it is difficult to open up and connect with other students who are also scared of being vulnerable. I wish that there was some way in which we could ‘check in’ with each other during the first months of first year, formally or informally, but everyone seemed too busy for that to happen.

While I would like to say that law school got better, it really didn’t – I learned how to cope with it better. The earlier you develop coping mechanisms, the better, and if you can surround yourself with a few people that are important to you and forget all the rest, the easier it is to get through it.

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