Completing 1L in your thirties: A mature student experience

Ontario Law Student, Class of 2016

I did it! I got into law school. Wait, how am I going to tell my wife and kids?

As anxious as I was about getting into law school, it was explaining my decision that was the hard part. Just as I was reaching, what could have been, a stable point in my professional and personal life I risked it all on law.

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Mental illness is not a sign of weakness

Rebecca Lockwood,
Osgoode Hall Law School, Class of 2014

In October of my first year of law school, a counsellor explained to me I was suffering from anxiety and depression. I knew something was very wrong, but I didn’t know what was going on or where to turn.

My doctor referred me to this counsellor after I broke down during a routine check-up. She inquired about my general health and asked, “How are you doing these days?” With that question alone, I began to sob. She sensed something was up.

Although my counsellor wasn’t a psychiatrist and thus her diagnosis wasn’t official, it had the same effect as one. Coming to understand what I was experiencing brought both relief and shame. I was relieved to know that spending entire days in bed crying wasn’t my new “normal” state of being. I had been afraid this was going to last indefinitely. I was ashamed because I felt weak, like I had failed to live up to people’s expectations, including and especially my own.

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The Rough Guide to Your First Year of Law School and Self-Discovery

Mona Zafarian, Osgoode Hall Law School, Class of 2015

“If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try” – Seth Godin

Completing my first year of law school made me feel simultaneously exasperated yet enthralled. I was left with the lingering momentum to learn and discover, but I needed a new way to channel my inquisitive energy.The summer of 2013 gave me the perfect, uninterrupted chance to rediscover myself and cultivate my interests.

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Building and keeping up Relationships while in Law School

Ambreen Walji, University of Windsor, Class of 2015

It isn’t easy to have it all. Nay, it is impossible. In your first week of law school you probably heard the word “Balance” – work-life balance, balancing expectations, balancing a social life and a professional program. The word is tossed around so frequently, its lost a lot of its meaning. For some, it can add pressure: Am I being balanced? Does that just mean that I have to have it all?

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