What is JustBalance?

Law school can be a very difficult time for many students. You might be struggling or know someone who is. If so, JustBalance is for you.

Think of this as a gateway — inside, you will find lots of student stories, along with the information, support and resource links you need to begin your journey to wellness. Our goal is to provide a forum for exploring the systemic and personal issues facing today’s law students in a way that is both relevant and meaningful.

Whether you see all of yourself in these experiences or just glimpses of what you’re going through, know you’re not alone and that there are options for a healthier and more fulfilling law school experience. By joining the conversation here and keeping it going after you leave, you’ll be helping to create an even larger community of support, understanding and sensitivity. The more we acknowledge the influences that impact law student well-being, the sooner we’ll be able to influence systemic change, so that it’s not just ok to ask for and receive help at law school, but easy and comfortable to do so.

Keep balanced and stay well!